Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Sunday adventure with Sybil & Wendy – Part 1, Polly’s Cove

On Friday, I read a blog post about Polly’s Cove and decided I needed to add it to my list of places to check out. On Saturday, Scotian Hiker posted that he was leading a hike to Polly’s Cove on Sunday. How could I not go!? I messaged my adventure buddy Sybil to see if she wanted to go to go, and she was in :-)

Polly’s Cove is just a couple of kilometers up the road from the more popular Peggy’s Cove. In fact, you can see the lighthouse and village from Polly’s Cove…

pm peggys from pollys 3

I have no idea why Polly’s Cove is called Polly’s Cove. I know Peggy’s Cove is named after a lady named…. Margaret.

The terrain at Polly’s Cove reminds me of the High Head Trail, which I hiked with Sybil and my other adventure buddy Sara last year. Except it’s more rugged and there was more climbing involved.

pm rock climbers

OK, I didn’t actually do this rock climbing, but there were a couple of times when a helping hand from Scotian Hiker got me up or down a rock. He’s very nimble, see? :-)

pm don stretching

Lots of rock everywhere you look!

pm white rocks 2

pm island 2

Tiny climbers…


pm find sybil


pm rocks and tiny people

Some cool trees…

pm trees

pm curly tree

Sybil, don’t get squashed!

pm sybil holding up rock

Lunch break!

pm group 3

pm kelly feet 1

We were all curious about this concrete foundation near the beginning of the trail..

pm concrete structure

I did some Googling after I got home, and came across this: The structure is actually the foundation of a small radar station from years passed. There's some metal pieces in nearby rocks which were apparently used to mount a satellite or two, according to my father who moved out here in the late 50's - early 60's. Edit: Asked my father, it was not active when he moved out here. His uncle (also from the area) informed him that it was last used during the time of WWII.

I normally get annoyed when people deface nature, but I do love this graffiti on the foundation…

pm graffiti

Not sure if she’s holding up the rock or if the rock is holding her up!


pm holding up rock

Sybil and Wendy…

pm sybil and wendy

pm sybil and wendy 3

pm2 wendy 3

Bye from Polly’s Cove!

pm group 2

To check out more pictures and Sybil’s take on our hike, click here.

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  1. Wonderful post Kelly. Wendy looks embarrassed at me taking pic through the "eye" on the rock.

    Guess I should get off my lazy arse and write MY version of our adventure!

    It was fun, wasn't it !

    1. Yep, lots of fun! :-) I love the picture of you looking through the eye on the rock with Wendy :-) And yes, get writing!

  2. beautiful photos, but it looks above my skill level for hiking!