Thursday, 27 April 2017

Flamingo fun at LannaThai

Did you know that there are flamingos on the loose in Bridgewater? Well, there are, and they’ve taken up residence in LannaThai on King Street…

lannathai front

This cheeky guy tried to steal Sybil’s drink…

flamingo on glass 2 

I guess it was too much for him to handle, he had to call for back-up.

flamingos on glass 2

Are they dancing the Flamingo Flamenco?

flamingos on glass

Then he ran in a marathon…

flamingo running 2

Crossing the finish line!

flamingo finish line

These little guys were hanging out in a planter on the window sill.

flamingos in plant 2

And this guy was hiding in the corner behind a police officer (who very kindly didn’t cart this crazy girl on a flamingo hunt off to jail).


flamingo big in planter

Here’s a flamingo on the barware.

flamingo glass

And here’s Sara and Sybil and me with Stiltskin. Sybil never goes anywhere without her Dollar Store make-it-yourself glow-in-the-dark tiara ;-)


Nice to have this tropical bird vibe here in cold & rainy Nova Scotia. Can someone please tell Mother Nature that we’re ready for some heat and sunshine now!

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  1. You found every Flamingo in the restaurant ! I do think the little ones look like worms. Never notice that my right breast is massively bigger than my left !

    1. Hahahhah! OMG, SYbil! :-D I'm pretty sure they're the same size, you're just turning your right one towards the camera in the picture :-)

      I'm pretty sure I found every flamingo - I forgot to take a picture of Rumple, though. We'll request him at our next bday celebration at LannaThai :-) And yes, those planter flamingos do have a wormy texture!