Friday, 22 July 2016

Exploring Big Tancook Island

tancook sign

Last week, I headed off to Big Tancook Island with my friends Sara and Sybil and Sybil’s dogs Wendy & Sooki. It’s a 50 minute ferry ride each way and the only mode of transportation for visitors on the island is by foot (residents have vehicles, mostly old pick-up trucks). It’s not what we were expecting – not so much charm and quaintness, more of a backroads kinda vibe.

We were a bit confused about the free bicycle rental.

bike rentals

Sybil pondering this…

sybil and the whale

Turns out, if you buy lunch at the cafe next to the bike rental place, you get a free bike to explore the island.  The sandwiches at the cafe are delicious – loved the curry bread – but the service is a bit slow!

This was also a bit confusing… are those killer picnic tables?

rest area

More things that make you go HMMMMM….


I was expecting more colourful houses like these ones…

colourful house 1

turquoise house 4

But most of the houses and buildings were more like this. The old weathered wood is quite beautiful, but I wanted more colour and whimsy!

old door

sheds by water

Of course, being an island, there are lots of boats…


boats in harbour

southeast cove 1

pier and boat

Not all boats on the island are sea worthy…


boat in grass


And not all the vehicles are road worthy. This is a 1954 Bridgewater fire truck. The siren still works, but it doesn’t have any back tires.


fire truck and sara

There’s a museum/shop/library in Southeast Cove that’s quite interesting.




pulley close


wishing stones

And another shop near the ferry that had some cool stuff like these colourful bottles…



And some other cool stuff from our walk…

buoys in tree 1

painted stick



Wendy and Sooki don’t look too impressed!

wendy sooki

Would I go to Big Tancook Island again? Not any time soon. We did have fun and we enjoyed being outdoors on a beautiful sunny day. But it’s a bit like going to a restaurant and ordering a big slice of decadent chocolate peanut butter mousse cake for dessert, and getting a chocolate chip cookie instead :-)

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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

All work and some play

Not every day is a work day around here – there’s also time for having fun and exploring too :-) These are some of the things I’ve been up to over the last few months…

Sometimes when Brian is doing work on the garage that I can’t help with – generally anything happening more than 10 feet above the ground – I wander off to explore the cliffs around our lot.

splash 2

cliffs looking up

I love hanging out with my buddies Sara & Sybil :-) They’re always up for exploring, and we always have a great time. These are some pics from our adventures over the last few months, starting with a live sand dollar that we found on Sand Dollar Beach. Did you know that sand dollars burrow their butt end into the sand? I didn’t even know they have butts!


We went exploring in Blue Rocks and Stonehurst in April.

blue rocks 4

funny house 2

stone outhouse 1

stone 3 houses

And exploring Bachmann’s Beach on Second Peninsula in May.

wharf 3

trees 3

Sybil often brings her dogs Wendy and Sooki. They’re awesome girls :-)

wendy and sooki

On May 6th, the tall ship Picton Castle left Lunenburg on a voyage to France. I was up early enough to see her head out to sea, but Mother Nature had other plans. The fog that morning was insane, so I couldn’t see much. This is the best I could do, with a lot of tweaking in Picmonkey.

in the mist pm2a

June 3rd was Lobster Day. A bunch of us got together at my friend Barbara’s house and we cooked & cleaned & canned 225 pounds of lobster in 3 hours!

lobster collage

And of course we go to the beach every day to walk the dogs :-)


Getting artsy on the beach…

moss balls 2

There’s something to do every day here! I pretty much don’t stop till the sun goes down and the moon comes out…



Hope you’re out there enjoying this awesome summer weather and having some fun adventures :-)

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