Saturday, 8 April 2017

Oh Deer

Dusk is deer dinner time around here. And our backyard must be growing something tasty, because lately there have been a lot of deer dining here. These are some of tonight’s dinner guests…

This one was keeping a close eye on me!

doe 1

doe 3

Love their fluffy white tails. This little one was prancing around with her tail up in the air like she was all that :-)

baby and mom

Peek-a-boo, we see you!


deer under tree 2

Bounding off into the forest…

jumping deer

Now if the dogs would stop losing their minds every time they spot a deer or bunny or bird in the yard!

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  1. I was wondering how the dogs were reacting. Hard not to bark when you see a deer. You're so lucky to live where you do.

    1. They react the same to pretty much everything that's furry or feathered - they lose their minds! They can go from sleeping on the sofa to barking at a bunny in half a second. Crazy dogs!

  2. Oh my goodness, how cute! I'm surprised the dogs don't scare them away.

    1. I think the deer know they can run faster than the dogs, so they don't worry too much :-) I took most of the pictures before the dogs realized the deer were there. But they still stuck around for a bit once the barking started.