Thursday, 27 April 2017

Flamingo fun at LannaThai

Did you know that there are flamingos on the loose in Bridgewater? Well, there are, and they’ve taken up residence in LannaThai on King Street…

lannathai front

This cheeky guy tried to steal Sybil’s drink…

flamingo on glass 2 

I guess it was too much for him to handle, he had to call for back-up.

flamingos on glass 2

Are they dancing the Flamingo Flamenco?

flamingos on glass

Then he ran in a marathon…

flamingo running 2

Crossing the finish line!

flamingo finish line

These little guys were hanging out in a planter on the window sill.

flamingos in plant 2

And this guy was hiding in the corner behind a police officer (who very kindly didn’t cart this crazy girl on a flamingo hunt off to jail).


flamingo big in planter

Here’s a flamingo on the barware.

flamingo glass

And here’s Sara and Sybil and me with Stiltskin. Sybil never goes anywhere without her Dollar Store make-it-yourself glow-in-the-dark tiara ;-)


Nice to have this tropical bird vibe here in cold & rainy Nova Scotia. Can someone please tell Mother Nature that we’re ready for some heat and sunshine now!

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Sunday, 23 April 2017

A week of windows

First we got all of the windows on the water side of the house installed…

all done

Then the skylights…

roofing done 1

And the big challenge, the upper windows on the west end of the house…

windows 2

Then we had to wait for more windows to arrive, and Brian had to get the roofing on the north side started before the skylights on that side could go in. Well, everything came together last week, and now we’ve got more windows and skylights :-) We started with the easy job, installing the skylight on the main roof.

Opening framed & flashed and ready to go…

skylight opening

Peek-a-boo Brian…

brian skylight


skylight done

Next came the bathroom skylight, which was a bit more challenging because there’s no floor underneath the section of the roof where the skylight goes. I used the winch to crank the skylight up from the inside of the house, and Brian guided it up the ladder outside.

Almost ready to go, just needs the flashing…

bath skylight framing

And it’s in!


bathroom skylight

Skylights are all done :-)


two front skylights

Next up, the two upper windows on the east side. The hardest part was getting them even and level.

end windows inside two

They look so tiny on the big wall!


end windows two

And then the window I’ve been the most excited about – the round window in the upstairs bathroom. This was another big challenge – it took about two hours to get this sucker installed. Like we did with the bathroom skylight, I hoisted the window up with a rope and Brian guided it up the ladder. It almost hit the deck on our first try, but luckily we got it up and in with no damage :-)

Bathroom and closet window openings prepped and ready to go…

front windows 1

Whew, got it in!

round window inside 2

round window outside

And finally, the window in the closet went in. This one didn’t take very long to out in, although getting it square took a while.

windows from front

A week’s worth of windows all in one picture :-)

all new windows

And now all of the second storey windows and skylights are in! And assuming our next window delivery arrives on schedule, the main floor windows will be finished soon too :-)

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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Brian rockin’ the roofing

I haven’t done much work on the house lately because it’s been all about the roofing, and I just cannot handle going up that high. Whose dumb idea was it to build a house with such a big & steep roof anyway… oh yeah, nevermind ;-)

A few weeks ago, Brian finished the ocean side of the roof. Which was awesome, but there was still a lot of roofing left to do. Luckily, Brian has turned into a roofing machine and is totally rockin’ the job!

Making good progress on the north side…

roof over porch

roof progress

Almost done!

roof 1

99% done! Just need to install the ridge vent.

roof almost done

Now it’s all done and time to take the staging down. I’m kinda proud of myself for climbing to the top of that ladder to help with that :-) OK, so I wasn’t up quite as high up as Brian, but I’m pretty sure that’s the highest I’ve ever gone up a ladder!

brian on the roof


staging down

There’s still some roofing left to do on the bathroom and entry peaks. One side of the entry peak is done, and hopefully the remaining sides of the peaks will be finished soon.

entry roof

Our next shipment of windows was supposed to arrive yesterday, but they were MIA. Hopefully they’ll show up today, and we’ll install them tomorrow if it isn’t too windy. And later today we’ll put in the skylight where the piece of plywood is. We’ll be weather-tight soon!

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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Sunday adventure with Sybil & Wendy – Part II, Peggy’s Cove

So to pick up where I left off in my last blog post, after hiking around Polly’s Cove, Sybil and I did some exploring around Peggy’s Cove. Of course, there’s the famous Peggy’s Cove lighthouse…

pm2 lighhouse 5

But there’s a whole lot more to see. Sybil pointed out this rock carving that I hadn’t noticed the other times I’d been to Peggy’s Cove.

pm carved rock 1

The carving is by William DeGarthe and is a memorial to the fishermen of Peggy’s Cove.

pm carved rock 4


pm carved rock 3

pm carved rock 2

Of course, being a fishing village, there are lots of lobster traps and fishing boats and fishing sheds…

pm lobster traps

pm boats and sheds 2

pm2  red boat 2

pm2 pg sheds 2

An old dory from fishing days past…

pm2 old dory

Sybil and I had fun playing with the lighthouse :-)

sybil lighthouse 1a

kelly lighthouse 2

Old and weathered….

pm2 buoy shack


pm whale bone

Looking back towards Polly’s Cove…

pm pg rocks 1

Sybil and I were a bit obsessed with finding lighthouse reflections in the puddles. This is the best I could do.

pm reflection 7

Oh, and we weren’t really the only people at Peggy’s Cove, I just got creative with my picture-taking and managed to avoid getting most of the people in my shots :-)

Such a great day enjoying spectacular scenery with a great group of people. And thank you to Sybil and Wendy for being up for a last-minute adventure :-) To check out more pictures and learn more about the cool carvings at Peggy’s Cove, click here to go to Sybil’s blog.

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