Sunday, 2 April 2017

The Living Beach – April 1, 2017

Sometimes in the waves we find our true direction

It’s time to check in on how the beach has changed over the last month. And, well, it’s still pretty much the same – rocks. LOTS of rocks! It’s hard to believe that all these rocks will be buried under sand in a few months….

lots of rocks

Even these big rocks – the largest one is almost as tall as me – will disappear completely.

big rocks

Rocks, rocks, everywhere rocks! (Butt photo bomb by Jackson).

hell point

straight ahead

gaff point

Comparing March 1st and April 1st…

March collageApril collage

Come on summer and sand!

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  1. Love the comparison shots. I look forward to seeing shots of the beach sand coming back...

  2. I'm not familiar with this! Lived in San Diego for years. Totally different beach. Thanks for sharing.