Monday, 31 August 2015

A crafty & colourful weekend

I know lots of people love all-white houses, and I do appreciate all-white houses that are well done. But I’m just not an all-white house kinda girl. So now that we’re living in an all-white rental house, I’m always on the lookout for colourful accessories and art and anything else that will add some pizzazz to these white walls.

On Friday, I stopped in at Wavewood Designs to talk to the owner about one of her paintings. While I was there, I noticed that the painting that I had fallen in love with back in June was still hanging on the wall. Which was a shock, because I was sure someone would have snagged it by now. So, since it was still there… and since it’s called “Living The Dream”… and since I love it… I decided that it was meant to come home with me :-)

living the dream“Living The Dream” by Teresa Dadson

On Saturday, I took an artistic typography class at The Lunenburg Makery taught by artist Susan Black. I thought it was funny that when we had to choose the paper for our first typography project, everyone chose brown paper. Except for me. I choose neon notepad paper :-) I gotta be me! We all created the word JOY in in our own styles…


And then we all chose a word that we wanted to create and designed our own font. I tried to make mine look like waves. Can you see it? Kinda sorta?


While I was in Lunenburg, I stopped in at The Mariner’s Daughter to pick up this awesome fair trade African basket from The Baba Tree Basket Company. I actually broke out of my purple/turquoise/green  comfort zone with this one :-)


And finally, I’ve been going a little bit crazy with a can of Indigo spray paint. No paintable surface is safe, and even some unpaintable surfaces better watch out (dogs, I’m looking at you!)


What’s your favourite way to bring colour into your life?

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Friday, 28 August 2015

Beach home inspiration

I’m always looking for inspiration for the house that we’re going to build. As soon as I saw this house on Australia’s Gold Coast designed by Bayden Goddard of BGD Architects, it was love at first sight! There are lots of things about this house that I love – I bet you will too!

The first thing that caught my eye is the vaulted ceiling with the beams and bead board. Love this look, although I’m thinking of painting our ceiling a light blue.


I love the use of soft colours and texture to create a pretty, relaxed, beachy look.

chair fabric

The raw woods bring to mind driftwood, and of course the pretty blues bring to mind the sky and water. Although I’m not usually a fan of white walls, they do provide the perfect backdrop that allows all the elements in this home really shine.

decor 3 


This dining table is fantastic, and the chairs with the low backs are perfect. They don’t overwhelm the space or interrupt sight lines.

dining table

To see more pictures and read about this beautiful home, head over to Queensland Homes.

Happy Weekend!

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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Watching the waves roll in

“The sea! the sea! the open sea!
The blue. the fresh, the ever free!”
Barry Cornwall

Yesterday afternoon we brought chairs up to our lot and sat on the cliff watching the waves. And ate chips. And drank flat fake champagne from last week’s “the lot is ours” celebration. It was beautiful and relaxing and something I could do for hours every day…

 waves 1

waves 2

waves 3 

waves 6

I love all the different shades of blues and greens…


waves 8

waves 9

waves 10

waves 11

waves 13 

waves 15

waves 17

waves 19


waves 16 

waves 18 

And a little boat came sailing by…


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Friday, 21 August 2015

Now the adventure REALLY begins!

lot 2

Wooohoooo! After almost eleven months of waiting and frustration, the lot is finally officially ours! WOOT! WOOT! WOOT!

And now comes the fun part – K&B build our house by the sea :-) Well, ocean really, but ocean doesn’t rhyme with K&B ;-) Brian has already met with the driveway guy and the foundation guy and has looked into getting the required permits and our drawings from the architect should be ready soon.

I’m having so much fun exploring the South Shore and walking the beaches and just enjoying the summer, but it’s time to strap on my sexy pink tool belt and get to work!


Happy Weekend!

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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Pretty Port Medway

Had to take a break from blogging while I was back in Montreal & Ottawa for a 10 days. It was great spending time at the cottage, but it’s also great to be back by the ocean :-)

On Sunday, I drove down to Port Medway for the Lighthouse Awareness Art & Craft Show. The show takes in Port Medway for a few days, and then moves to Port Mouton for a few days. The show raises funds in support of the Medway Head Lighthouse and the Spectacle Island Lighthouse. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it!), the paintings that I liked the best were either already sold or out of my price range. But I did pick up a 2016 calendar :-)

After checking out the show, I did some exploring, starting with the village of Port Medway. Wish I’d brought my Nikon with me, but my iPhone did a pretty decent job :-)

pm lighthouse seagull

pm boat

bm buoys 

pm 2 

pm shop

Then I headed out to the Medway Head Lighthouse, where it suddenly got foggy and very mosquito-ey…

pm ligthouse

pm lighthouse

pm fog

pm foggy rocks

pm lighthouse keepers

There was a great little spot by the water to take pictures, so I took a lot!

     pm road

pm rocks 1 

pm rocks 3 

The rocks here are so smooth – they make me think of hippos for some reason :-)

pm rocks 5

pm rocks waves

pm rocks 6    

pm rocks 11

pm waves

And then heading back to Port Medway. the fog disappeared!

pm boats

pm seagull

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