Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Brian rockin’ the roofing

I haven’t done much work on the house lately because it’s been all about the roofing, and I just cannot handle going up that high. Whose dumb idea was it to build a house with such a big & steep roof anyway… oh yeah, nevermind ;-)

A few weeks ago, Brian finished the ocean side of the roof. Which was awesome, but there was still a lot of roofing left to do. Luckily, Brian has turned into a roofing machine and is totally rockin’ the job!

Making good progress on the north side…

roof over porch

roof progress

Almost done!

roof 1

99% done! Just need to install the ridge vent.

roof almost done

Now it’s all done and time to take the staging down. I’m kinda proud of myself for climbing to the top of that ladder to help with that :-) OK, so I wasn’t up quite as high up as Brian, but I’m pretty sure that’s the highest I’ve ever gone up a ladder!

brian on the roof


staging down

There’s still some roofing left to do on the bathroom and entry peaks. One side of the entry peak is done, and hopefully the remaining sides of the peaks will be finished soon.

entry roof

Our next shipment of windows was supposed to arrive yesterday, but they were MIA. Hopefully they’ll show up today, and we’ll install them tomorrow if it isn’t too windy. And later today we’ll put in the skylight where the piece of plywood is. We’ll be weather-tight soon!

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  1. wow, that's quite an accomplishment. Not many people actually do the building themselves!

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