Wednesday, 2 September 2015

K&B Misadventures on the 332

On Monday, we decided to make a quick trip into Bridgewater to pick up a few things. It should have been a 2-3 hour trip. But halfway there, we suddenly heard a whoopa whoopa whoopa sound. You never want to hear that sound when you’re driving because it means you’ve got a flat tire. UGH.
Smart cars don’t have a spare tire. Instead, they come equipped with a bottle of tire repair goo and a mini air compressor. Which in theory will get your tire back into working order until you can drive to a garage and get a new tire. Except there was a rip in the sidewall and no amount of goo and air was going to fix it. Luckily, I had renewed my expired CAA membership a week earlier, so I called CAA for a tow. Have you ever called CAA and not known where you were? Well, I knew where we were, more or less. But we were on a stretch of road with no houses, so I had no idea what address to give the CAA guy. Halfway between LaHave and Bridgewater was the best I could come up with. Good thing the guy was so patient, I sounded like a complete lunatic! Luckily a guy who stopped to help drove up the road to get the nearest address, and then drove back to tell me the address, which I passed on to the patient CAA guy. Thank you guy in the SUV!

So we had about an hour to blow while we waited for the tow truck. If you’ve ever waited for anything with Brian, you’ll know he isn’t much fun to wait with. So I decided to wander around and take some pictures.

LaHave River…

canada flag

lahave river 2

This little shed is so cute. You can’t really make it out in the picture, but the trim on the interior side of the windows is pink. Wonder if this was some sort of marital compromise :-)
fishing shed 3

Love the trim on this house…
house gingerbread

You can’t really get the true perspective from the picture, but this house is at the top of a really steep hill. I would NOT have wanted to be the person who had to put all those rocks where they are!

house on hill

I found these stairs at the side of the road and wandered down…


And then I amused myself taking selfies…

Finally, the tow truck showed up!

tow 1

All loaded up and ready to go…

tow 2

The first garage we stopped at didn’t have the tire we needed in stock. That garage called another garage and found out that the other garage had one tire, so the tow truck driver brought us there. Gotta love CAA Plus!
In the bay waiting for a new tire…


I don’t think it’s functional. but the garage had this cool old cash register.
cash register

So 2-1/2 hours after setting out for Bridgewater, we were finally back on the road. And we were starving! The garage is a few minutes away from the best pizza restaurant I’ve found since I left Montreal in 1998, so we headed over there for lunch. And it was closed. OK, Plan B – someone told me the Best Western restaurant has amazing chowder. So off we went for chowder. Only to find out that the restaurant closes for lunch at exactly 2:30… the lady in the restaurant tells us at 2:35. ARGH! Walmart is across the street and we really need a new set of sheets, so I popped in to pick up a set. Which should be easy enough. Except that I need 13” pockets, and the only 13” pocket sheet sets came in every size except for king size. Who has a king size bed? We do! I know, first world problems. But I was hot and I was hungry and I just wanted to be back home and get some beach therapy.
So you see, not every day in Nova Scotia is awesome! But even on a crappy day like Monday, there’s always the ocean to help you forget your troubles…
hirtles 2
kb logo 1a

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