Thursday, 3 September 2015

Build journal – Clearing the land

September 1st & 2nd, 2015 – This is the K&B adventure that I’ve been waiting to blog about! Now that we officially own the lot, things are finally moving forward. Our driveway will be going in soon, and then the septic system will be dug & installed and the foundations for the garage & house poured.
This will be our driveway – it’s kind of hard to envision right now!

Brian hard at work chopping down trees with his new toy ;-) A lot of the trees are dead or half-dead, so I don’t feel too badly about chopping them down. It’ll probably help to encourage new growth, which is a good thing.

sawing down tree 1
sawing down tree 2
brian in the brush

And here I am doing my job – piling up the branches. Gotta love the windswept hair look ;-)

kelly holding stick

That’s a big pile, and it’s just the beginning!

pile of scrub after 

Brian marked off the area where the house will be going. Here I am standing in the kitchen and looking through the living room towards the main floor bedroom.
looking towards bedroom

Still a long way to go, but the area where the house will be going is relatively clear.

partly cleared

It’s hard work, but when this is the view from tour office, it’s not so bad :-)

office view 2

view briwn 
kb logo 1a


  1. Thanks Anne :-) Too hot to do any work at the lot today, but we'll be back doing more clearing soon :-)