Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Have spray paint, will travel

Here’s a quick and cheap little furniture makeover using spray paint. I started with two little corner tables – which have drawers, but I apparently took the drawer out of this one before I snapped the picture and then didn’t realize till after the painting was done that I didn’t have a before picture with the drawer.


Here’s the drawer…

 drawer before

I gave the two tables a quick cleaning with TSP Eco, and then sprayed on a couple of coats of Krylon spray paint – Navy on one and Blue Ocean Breeze on the other.


I picked up a couple of new drawer pulls, and for about $10.00 each, voila, two brand new tables.

after 1


drawer 2


after 2

turquoise after

drawer turquoise

Spray paint isn’t for every project, but it sure worked well on these two tables!

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  1. Love the two blues! Looks really sweet!

  2. Anne, I love them too :-) I actually started with a brighter blue on the dark table that was left over from another project. But I decided to re-paint it with this navy blue, which is much better :-) And the turquoise seems to always be sold out everywhere. So when I saw it at Walmart on the weekend, I grabbed a can. Should have grabbed a few cans, but I guess there's only so much I can paint :-D