Friday, 4 September 2015

A design dud of double-D proportions

Throughout the history of interior decorating and design, there have been questionable design decisions. For example.... Avocado and harvest gold appliances. Lavender bathroom fixtures. (I grew up with both). Orange shag carpeting. Basements with dark wood paneling. All cringe-inducing designs that have happily disappeared (for the most part). But just as one bad design bites the dust, there’s another one there to take its place.....

These are boob lights:

led boobs Source

If I ever want my boobs to experience pulsating LED action, maybe I’ll pick up a set ;-)

These are also boob lights (which were thankfully removed from our house in Ottawa years ago and placed on the floor just like this by Brian):

brass boobs 1

brass boobs 2

No pulsating LED action here – just plain old incandescent (or CFL) bulbs emitting light from glass boobs with a metal nipples.
I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of boob lights – they’re everywhere. They’re pretty much the industry standard when it comes to basic builder lighting. And just like real boobs, boob lights come in all different colours, shapes, and sizes... with big nipples, little nipples, pointy nipples, flat nipples... each one is unique in its own special way :-)

For your viewing (dis)pleasure, I give you a gallery of boob lights (all pics from

BOOB basic BOOB bedazzled   Boob DQ curlBoob Flower Power Boob granny Boob inmate Boob martian Boob Mother Nature BOOB ricker BOOB see through BOOB squished
Ouch on that last one! So why am I bringing up boobs? Because our rental house has boobs hanging from the ceiling. Everywhere. I can’t walk into a room and not see a boob dangling above my head. Luckily, the home owner has agreed to let us replace all the boob lights and he’ll cover the cost. YAY! He’s a cool guy – I’ve been working in a lot of projects in the house that have his stamp of approval :-) But if you’re not in a position to replace all your boob lights, there are lots of cool and creative ways to disguise the boob.

I’ve been debating doing this one in the master bedroom…

compass boob Source

If you like your boobs sparkly, this remade boob is for you!

crystal boob Source

Or you can hide the boob altogether by covering it up with a lamp shade.



OK, now I’m off to Halifax to do some light shopping!

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