Monday, 14 September 2015

Build journal – The driveway begins!

September 11 & 13, 2015 – Currently, our lot is only accessible from the lots on either side of it. There’s no driveway or path, just a whole lot of scrub and half-dead trees and moss and bushes. So Friday was an exciting day – the cutters arrived to start clearing the path for the driveway. I thought cutters would be little trucks with some sort of cutting things attached to the fronts that would just mow down everything in their path. Nope – cutters are guys with chainsaws :-)

cutters 1

cutters 2

I don’t normally condone chopping down trees, but we have no choice if we want to have a driveway. On the positive side, removing the dead and scrubby trees should help promote new growth. And we’re making the driveway as narrow as possible to minimize the number of trees that need to come down. Also, to maximize privacy :-)
driveway cutting 1

The cutters made it through from the road to the spot where the house will go :-)


OK, it doesn’t look like much yet – but here’s a before and after from the road…

driveway progress

Baby steps! The big machines are scheduled to come tomorrow and clear away all the brush and trees. Then we should start seeing some major driveway progress :-)
kb logo 1a

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  1. Oh ... I love Nova Scotia. I love the rugged beauty of the coastline and the roughness of the sea. And the chilly weather! Love snowy, cold weather suitable for cozy fires and layers of sweaters.

    Have you posted a picture of your floor plan? You are on an exciting adventure indeed. I will stop by periodically to see how you are faring. Best of luck! Pj