Monday, 31 August 2015

A crafty & colourful weekend

I know lots of people love all-white houses, and I do appreciate all-white houses that are well done. But I’m just not an all-white house kinda girl. So now that we’re living in an all-white rental house, I’m always on the lookout for colourful accessories and art and anything else that will add some pizzazz to these white walls.

On Friday, I stopped in at Wavewood Designs to talk to the owner about one of her paintings. While I was there, I noticed that the painting that I had fallen in love with back in June was still hanging on the wall. Which was a shock, because I was sure someone would have snagged it by now. So, since it was still there… and since it’s called “Living The Dream”… and since I love it… I decided that it was meant to come home with me :-)

living the dream“Living The Dream” by Teresa Dadson

On Saturday, I took an artistic typography class at The Lunenburg Makery taught by artist Susan Black. I thought it was funny that when we had to choose the paper for our first typography project, everyone chose brown paper. Except for me. I choose neon notepad paper :-) I gotta be me! We all created the word JOY in in our own styles…


And then we all chose a word that we wanted to create and designed our own font. I tried to make mine look like waves. Can you see it? Kinda sorta?


While I was in Lunenburg, I stopped in at The Mariner’s Daughter to pick up this awesome fair trade African basket from The Baba Tree Basket Company. I actually broke out of my purple/turquoise/green  comfort zone with this one :-)


And finally, I’ve been going a little bit crazy with a can of Indigo spray paint. No paintable surface is safe, and even some unpaintable surfaces better watch out (dogs, I’m looking at you!)


What’s your favourite way to bring colour into your life?

kb logo 1a

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