Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy 2017! Polar Bear Dip and the living beach

summer winter

So here we are on January 1st – the beginning of a new year and the end (almost) of holiday eating. I’m pretty sure I weigh 10 pounds more today than I did a couple of weeks ago. EEK!

There was some fun on the beach this morning with the annual January 1st Polar Bear Dip. I kinda debated doing it, but then decided to do reconnaissance for next year instead. Yes, I’m a wimp! Gotta give props to the brave – or crazy – people who dove into the waves in spite of the freezing temps and rain…




I seriously felt cold just watching them!

Jackson found a big furry friend to play with…

beach buddies

We headed back to the beach at low tide to walk the dogs and take another set of living beach pictures. Definitely more rocks now, and lots of seaweed too.

hell point

straight ahead

gaff point

Comparing December (top) to January (bottom)…

living beach december 01living beach jan 17

Hopefully the highlight of 2017 will be finally moving into our house!

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  1. Love the comparison shots. I can't imagine running into the Atlantic in August let alone January!

    1. It's not so bad in August, but January.... that's gotta be freakin' cold & painful! It's amazing how the beaches changes not only month by month, but day by day :-)