Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Twin Peaks, the fall finale

Yesterday we FINALLY finished sheathing the roofs over the bathroom and front entry. YAY! Wow, what a long job that was – it feels like we’ve been sheathing the roof forever! Here’s Brian nailing the last piece of sheathing onto the east side of the bathroom roof.

bathroom roof side 1

Just a little bit left to go on the west side…

bathroom roof side 2

Last piece going in!

bathroom roof side 2 last piece

Hello Brian :-)

brian on the roof

Inside view of the bathroom. It’s not very big, but as long as the shower has body jets, I don’t care! The big stop sign is the framing for a round window.


And that wasn’t the only exciting thing that happened yesterday. We also received the first shipment of windows. These ones go on the main floor wall facing the ocean. These suckers weigh a LOT.


Hopefully the weather will continue to cooperate so we can get the roofing underlay done and start installing the metal roof. Well, I say “we” but I really mean Brian. No way you’re getting me up on that roof!

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