Monday, 9 January 2017

The cold after the storm

Today started off cold – really cold! Not only did it feel like –24 outside, but it felt like 58 inside. Because it WAS 58 inside. EEK!

So when when it’s so cold inside, you may as well go outside and enjoy some beach time :-) Don’t be fooled by the blue sky and sunshine, it was freakin’ COLD out there. I had to keep warming up my fingers after each picture I took.

snowy dunes

Sand everywhere! And just yesterday, all this sand was covered with seaweed.

sandy beach 2

sandy beach 3

Standing at the edge of the sandbar.

standing on sandbar

Look how far away Brian is!

brian sandbar

Looking back at the cliff from the edge of the water. I don’t remember ever seeing so much sand on the beach last winter.

looking at cliff

It’s hard to tell in the picture, but this pile of seaweed was taller then me.

seaweed and ocean

Frosty seaweed close-ups… BRRRR!

seaweed close 1

seaweed close 2

There were some interesting ice formations in the sand too. The first one looks like a fossil or prehistoric worm or something.

sand close 1

sand close 2

The good thing about being outside when it’s –24 is that it makes a 58 degree inside feel warm and balmy :-) It actually was a bit warmer than that when we got home, with the propane fireplace kicking in. And this afternoon the furnace guys showed up and fixed the problem. The thermostat battery had died overnight and the thermostat turned itself off, which resulted in a pipe freezing. They warmed up the pipe and it’s now an almost-toasty 69 degrees in the house :-)

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  1. glad to hear you got the heat fixed...not a good time to be without a furnace! That seaweed stack is amazing! Too cold for me to go to the beach today, but John gave it a shot with Charlie.

    1. Of course the furnace would decide to turn off on a day that felt like -24! Although at least the propane fireplace gave off a bit of heat till the repair guys showed up :-) It was really cold on the beach, but the dogs (and Brian and I!) needed to get out of the house :-) Hope John & Charlie weren't too cold!

  2. Stunning photos! I love the one of the ice-covered seaweed.

    1. Thanks Allison :-) Yeah, the ice-covered seaweed was pretty cool. The seaweed is all gone from the beach now, but there are a TON of rocks!