Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Kitchen dreaming

Currently, there’s a big chunk of icy snow sitting in the middle of our kitchen. The window openings are covered with Tyvek and the walls are studs and styrofoam insulation. Not exactly my dream kitchen ;-) But that doesn’t stop me from dreaming about what our kitchen could look like. I’ve been saving inspiration pictures for a couple of years – these are some of my favourites.

I still haven’t decided if the ceiling will be drywall or wood. This kitchen has me leaning towards wood!

insp wood ceiling


There isn’t going to be a whole lot of wall space in the kitchen, but I really like the look of the wood wall in this kitchen. Love the black framed windows too, but our window frames will be white.

insp wood wall


There’s also the option of going with wood cabinets. I really like the combination of light wood, white, and dark grey in this kitchen.

insp wood cabinets


As much as I like the kitchens above, I love colour and there definitely needs to be colour in our kitchen. We won’t have a backsplash, so the countertops will be a way to bring colour into the space. This turquoise countertop definitely adds colour to this kitchen.

insp turquoise counter


Another way to bring colour into the kitchen – blue cabinets. The combination of blue and white cabinets in these two kitchens is a nice balance of colourful and neutral.



love it or list it


I’ve been thinking a lot about a navy blue island with white or light grey cabinets, like in this kitchen.

indigo island


My favourite cabinet door style is shaker, but like the flat doors inn this kitchen. No pulls on the uppers gives them a really sleek look.

insp flat cabinets


I keep being drawn towards kitchens that combine blue, white, and wood.

insp blue white wood 1


insp blue white wood 2


So that’s just a small sampling of kitchens that have been inspiring me. I’ve put these idea together and come up with a kitchen design that’s…. well, let’s just say probably unexpected and definitely not typical!

I’ll be posting my kitchen vision in my next blog post  – stay tuned!

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  1. omgerd I am so not a girly girl like you. I'm sure whatever you choose will be wonderful, though I do like the first two best with all that wood.

    If your windows and doors are blocked and your ceiling is covered why is there snow in your kitchen ?

    1. OMG, nobody has ever called me girly girl! I'm really not, honest! And I don't think our kitchen will be particularly girls - remember, these pictures are just inspiration :-)

      There's snow in the kitchen because there were no doors up until about a week ago, as well as some gaps in the roof sheathing before all the underlay went on. Rain and snow have a way of making their way inside unless a house is 100% weather-tight!