Sunday, 22 January 2017

Knock knock

We have doors! The front door is just temporary till I make up my mind about what kind of door I want.

front door

The back doors are permanent and won’t be going anywhere! It was a bit time-consuming getting them squared and level, but putting them into place wasn’t too bad. I was just a bit worried about Brian dropping them on my fingers as I tried to line up the bottom pins with the hinges. The doors are from PolyTech, a company right here in Nova Scotia. So they know how to make doors and windows that can stand up the Atlantic. Well, that’s what we hope!


As you can see in this picture, Brian also finished installing the underlay on this south of the roof. Once the underlay on the north side is done, the house will be pretty much weather-tight. So hopefully no more floods in the house!

doors outside

Now if I can just decide on the front door….. I really like the idea of an all-glass door with windows on either side, but it kinda creeps me out that people could walk up to the door and have a clear view into the house. Meanwhile, the west and south sided of the house are almost entirely windows – I really make no sense! On the other hand, a solid painted door would be nice, because it’ll be just about the only pop of colour on the exterior of the house.

light blue door


door windows

From Pinterest, original source unknown

Maybe a curved transom above the door to echo the curve of the peak?

arched transom

From Houzz, original source unknown

One thing I’m sure about is that I really want a bright green door.

green door


What kind of door would you choose?

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  1. You live in the middle of nowhere. Go all glass, with a wide frame. That's where you can add your colour!

  2. How many folk are coming to your door uninvited?

    Is your front door facing the sea?

    1. Well, see, that's the thing - if someone comes to the door uninvited and I'm walking around the house naked, I might have a heart attack! Or die of embarrassment. Either way, it wouldn't be pretty ;-) It's the door that faces the driveway that I can't decide on - the doors facing the sea are all glass.

  3. I would go all glass, because seeing the ocean through the house as you walk up to the front door would be awesome. But you need to go with what makes you comfortable.

    1. I know, right? That's been my dream for years, to have a house where you walk up to the front door and you can see right through to the ocean. But then there's that part of me that remembers how crazy my imagination can be and all the scary scenarios it can dream up of being spied on through a glass front door. I need to turn my brain off sometimes!

  4. All glass would creep me out too. We have glass beside our front door and I love it, but I also love that I can close the curtains when I want to. I really like the first picture.

    1. I finally decided on the front door.... and it's almost identical to the first picture :-) Brian really didn't want a full-glass front door, and I really want a bright green front door. So we went with a craftsman-style door with a small window at the top, windows on each side of the door that we can open, and a transom window right across the top. Nice to get that decision made and out of the way!