Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Kitchen planning

Last week I showed you the inspiration for our kitchen design. Today it’s time to show you how that inspiration will hopefully come to life.

First off, here’s my inspiration board….

kitchen mood board with numbers


  1. Shaker style cabinets
  2. Glass insulator chandelier (I’ve been buying up glass insulators like a madwoman!)
  3. Cunard harvest table from MRB Contracting
  4. Blue soapstone countertops
  5. Wood beams to frame opening to kitchen
  6. Boat cleats & glass knobs for cabinetry pulls
  7. Preverco hardwood flooring
  8. Samsung stainless steel induction slide-in range

Paint colours are all Benjamin Moore. Not necessarily the exact colours we’ll go with, but I really like how the green and blues and greys work together. This colour scheme will likely be used right through the whole house.

main floor colour palette

After not being able to agree on a layout for the kitchen, I asked my friend Paul for help. It was money well spent to have a kitchen designer solve our problems!

Here’s the kitchen area:


We sent Paul the layout that Brian had come up with and I told him what I didn’t like about it – mainly the sink location and the fridge on an angle in the corner next to the windows on the right. Paul came up with a layout that was kind of similar to Brian’s layout, but with some modifications to make me happy. You know what they say – Happy wife, happy life!

kitchen no colours

My main complaint was Brian wanting the sink under the windows on the right side, looking out towards the trees. I wanted it on the left side, looking out towards the water. But as Paul pointed out, putting it on the right side keeps the right side of the kitchen as the functional side and the left side as the dining side.  It also makes sense because with the dishwasher placed to the right of the sink, it’s next to the cabinets where the dishes will go. Paul added a second smaller prep sink to the island, so there’s a sink with an ocean view after all :-) And he took the fridge out of the corner and incorporated it into the wall of cabinetry. The original plan was to hide the microwave behind a cabinet door, but for code reasons it’ll be built in instead. The large pantry on the right side of the diagram will house a chest freezer and will have doors.

So that’s the final layout for the kitchen. And now here’s the colour scheme that I envision for the kitchen. Brace yourself, it’s kinda crazy! Just keep in mind that this is a quick & dirty mock-up in MS Paint to get an idea of the overall look.

kitchen colours

The green cabinet doors will have flat fronts and push latches so it’ll look more like a wall than cabinetry. The cabinets under the windows and the island will be shaker-style. I’m leaning towards Super White Quartzite for the island countertop to contrast with the navy blue. Although I’ve seen some other cool natural stone slabs that I’m thinking about (more on those soon).

I don’t know if our kitchen will turn our exactly like this – I have a habit of changing my mind a lot! – but it’ll definitely be colourful. The challenge will be creating a pretty and functional space that doesn’t take away from the view through the windows. Because the ocean is going to be the real star of our house!

sun ring

kb logo 1a

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