Monday, 8 February 2016

Winter walk

We weren’t in Nova Scotia last winter. You know, the one that everyone around here refers to as the worst winter EVER. Even people who have lived here their whole lives can’t remember a worse winter. So we weren’t really sure what to expect this winter – and so far, it hasn’t been bad at all :-) We just won’t think about the storm that’s supposed to hit today!

A couple of weeks ago I set off up our road with my camera to take some winter pictures. It was a beautiful day, and I didn’t even need a hat or mitts – in the middle of January! The light was beautiful, and I snapped pictures of everything that caught my eye.

Like shadows…

shed with shadows 1

jana e and shed

Beautiful old wood…

blue barn doors 2

grey barn doors

shed close

Fun & colourful mailboxes…

dog mailbox

pink mailbox

Adirondack chairs in the snow…

chairs 1

chairs 2

Lobster traps, new and old…

wharf reflection

lobstrer traps


tree and shed

buoys on shed

shed and boat 2

red shed and rocks 2

shed and tree


busy janet 2

  dory 3

boat in window


crow dark edges

crows in tree orton

flying ducks 3

duck pair


yellow door

hey yall

front porch 2

old wood house front door

And of course, the views…

clouds orton

ocean view orton

Most of this snow has melted away. but there could be a fresh batch of snow coming today…

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  1. Hi Kelly: Greetings from Nepean. You have some amazing photos here that are perfect for a grouping. Hope you will use them. Off I go now to see what you have been up to. -Brenda-