Thursday, 4 February 2016

Build journal – The sheathing continues

We took a bit of a break from our garage build from mid-December till after Christmas. When we got back at it at the end of December, we moved on to sheathing the roof. Here we’re installing the planks horizontally because it would be way too hard to do them on the diagonal. The walls aren’t completely sheathed yet, but we can’t put the peaks on the trusses till the trusses are sheathed, so up we go! Well, up Brian goes – I’m too chicken to go up there!

sheathing on roof starts 2

sheathing on roof starts


roof sheathing progress

As he moved higher up, Brian created a little walkway for himself.


Then he came up with a really cool contraption – more on that soon :-) Brian also installed the sheathing on the walls of the second storey. The original plan was to use this space for storage, but Brian’s wavering now – I mean, how can you waste this view on storage?!

view from second storey

Meanwhile, I was hard at work too – I installed the hurricane ties between the wall framing and roof trusses. If the roof ever blows off the house, it’ll all be on me. But I don’t think that’ll happen – each tie is held in place with TEN nails!

hurricane ties 1

hurricane ties 2

The front of the roof is all done…

garage 1

garage 2

Then the sheathing went up on the back of the roof (but my only pictures are from the front, for some reason…)

blue sky

Hello up there Brian!
brian on the roof

And now it’s time to finally get the rest of the roof on… next up, the peaks!

kb logo 1a

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  1. I agree, that view is too beautiful to waste on storage. I'm curious to see what it ends up being used for.