Monday, 22 February 2016

Build journal – Raising the roof

Well, more like sheathing the roof. but that doesn’t have the same ring to it ;-) It’s February, the peaks are all up, and now it’s time to finish sheathing the roof. Brian gets all the credit here, I really didn’t do anything to help with this part of the sheathing process. But I did work on finishing up the sheathing on the walls while Brian was busy on the roof. First he finished up the back side…

brian on roof

roof 1

Mandatory artsy shot ;-)

peaks sheathed on side 2

And then he moved around to the front of the roof. Can you see him? He looks so tiny!

peak sheathing 1

peaks behind trees

While we were working on the sheathing, a snow squall came through.


half and half sky 2


fog and snow


post snow

snowy tools

All done!

roof all done

back of roof


And my handiwork on an end wall…

end sheathed

Next we move up to the second floor. Which was supposed to for for storage, but how can you waste this view on storage?!

view through trusses

kb logo 1a

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  1. Wow, you are certainly making progress. Hopefully 'hopefully old man winter' will not impede it. TAKE CARE and tell Brian to be careful up there. -Brenda-
    P.S.: It hasn't been the greatest weather here but the skiers are loving it.

    1. Thanks Brenda :-) Old Man Winter has been very cooperative - we've been working on the garage right through the winter. Not every day, but we've accomplished more than we expected we would. I tell Brian to be careful up there every day! We have the opposite snow situation here - none. Doesn't look anything at all like winter in Ottawa! I've only been skiing once, and that'll probably be it.