Friday, 12 February 2016

Build journal – A peek at our peaks

When the roof trusses went up, the garage got pretty tall.


But we  weren’t done there – oh no, why have a tall garage when you can have a super-tall garage! It’s now the end of January, and there’s still the peaks to put up on the trusses. Luckily, the peaks are small enough and light enough for us to handle ourselves. Brian’s job is, as always, to be up high and put the peaks in place. My job is to bring the peaks around from the end of the garage and hook them up to the winch. This is where peak number 1 will go…

view from trusses

And there it is!

peak 2

peak 1[4]

Now there’s three peaks…

three peaks

And four…

brian and the peaks

Making good progress…

brian pulling up peak

The first peak on the other end of garage…

view from trusses

I did NOT want to be up where Brian is!

brian and the peaks 2 

And the peaks are done!

done 1

done 2

done 3

And the pre-requisite artsy shot :-)

view through peaks

Woohooo! We finally have a proper garage! Now if we can just get all the sheathing done…

kb logo 1a

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