Monday, 1 February 2016

Build journal – To sheath or not to sheath…

Why, to sheath, of course! It’s early December at this point, and sheathing is the next step in our garage build. And there’s a LOT of sheathting to do on the garage – this sucker is 30 feet long, 20 feet wide, and 30 feet tall. Or will be, once the peaks go up onto the trusses…

trusses up 2

To make our lives easier, we’re using tongue and groove sheathing instead of 4’ x 8’ sheets. The two main advantages are that the tongue and groove planks are easier to handle, and they’re going to create a stronger structure because we’re installing the planks on the diagonal – a triangle is stronger than a square :-)
Once the first couple of planks are squared, installing the sheathing is pretty straighforward. Brian does the cutting and putting the planks in place, and I’m on nail gun duty :-) Which is more enjoyable to do from ground level, but not too bad from the ladder.

sheathing on ocean side 2

This is what the inside of the garage will look like when we’re done – the walls will be the exposed sheathing. Those two rectangles will be windows.

sheathing on back wall

sheathing on back and side.

Back side almost done!

sheathing back almost done

And the two ends are coming along…

sheathing back and side

Somewhere along the way, Brian installed the flooring on the second storey.


Now I can go up there and walk around and not have to worry about killing myself :-D


Next up is the part I’ve been dreading – sheathing the roof…

kb logo 1a

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