Tuesday, 3 October 2017

It’s a gusher!

So we’ve been working on the garage and the house for two years now without knowing for sure that there’s a good source of water on our lot.The chances were pretty good we’d find water, but we didn’t know for sure.

Last Monday the diviner came out and found water about halfway up the driveway. He let me use the stick to see if I could find water. On the second try, the stick pointed to the same spot the diviner found. It was pretty crazy, but I really had no control over the stick, it did what it wanted to do. When I asked the stick what the water flow was, it started to point down when I reached 11 gallons per minute. Yep, crazy again! I mean, this is just a plain old stick, how does it have these super powers?!


Today the well digger came out to the lot and started digging in the spot the diviner found.

truck 1

well digger in trees

truck 2

And two hours later, the digger hit water 100 feet down. Right at the spot the diviner found.


And now we have a well! The water flow is about 8-10 gallons per minute.

well 1

Now we need to get the water from the well to the house. It’s only about 250 feet away ;-)

well 2

It’s definitely a huge relief to know that we have water. It would kinda suck to have a house with no sinks or toilets ;-)

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