Friday, 20 October 2017

I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want

When I lived in Ottawa, I went to HomeSense pretty much every week. Now that the closest HomeSense is over an hour away, I don’t get there very often. So when I had to go to Halifax on Tuesday, HomeSense was most definitely on my list of stops.

I was hoping to find a pendant light for the bathroom and a new duvet cover. I came close with the light and struck out big-time with the duvet cover. But all was not lost – from the lighting section, I saw something teal off in the distance. Four somethings, actually. As I got closer, I got more excited – they were pretty close to the chairs that I really really wanted for the dining area in our kitchen. Blue – check. Low backs – check. Nail head trim – check. The only not-quite-what-I’m-looking-for were the dark legs.

chairs 2

If I didn’t have a box of hardwood flooring and 4 bags of dog food + $300 worth of groceries in the car, I would have snapped those babies up in a second. I could only put them on hold till the end of the day, although the store would hold them for up to 10 days so I could go back and get them. But did I really want to go back to Halifax next week just for some chairs?

chairs 1

In the end, I headed back home chairless. And then proceeded to obsess over those chairs for the rest of the day. CRAP, I should have bought them! What to do, what to do…


Lightbulb moment!

I texted my cousin who lives near Halifax and asked her for a BIG favour – and being the awesome cousin that she is, she went to HomeSense the next day and bought the chairs for me, which I luckily was able to put on hold for another day. WOOT! Of course, this means another trip into Halifax next week, but I think I can live with that. I just hope the four chairs fit into the back of my car!

So now this is my updated kitchen mood board….

kitchen mood board with numbers revised oct20-17

Now if we could just get to the point where we’re actually putting the kitchen together!

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