Friday, 6 October 2017

Damn you Sarah Richardson!

Up until a couple of weeks ago, I was perfectly happy with the wood stove that we selected – the Kodiak 1700 from Enviro. It’s a nice enough wood stove, and it should do the job of keeping our house toasty warm.

But then Sarah Richardson had to go and mess things up. I happened to catch a reveal from her latest series online, and now I’m obsessed with this blue & nickel wood stove.

blue wood stove

I mean, really, is this not a sexy wood stove?

blue wood stove 4

blue wood stove 3

I did some sleuthing and discovered that this blue beauty is either the Super Classic or Summit Classic from Pacific Energy. I went to a local hardware store that carries Pacific Energy wood stoves to get more info and pricing. And my dream of having a blue wood stove has been shattered – Pacific Energy discontinued blue a couple of years ago. Yet  they still carry maroon wood stoves. Seriously? Why?! Who wants maroon?!

ARGH! Damn you Sarah Richardson for getting me all excited about a wood stove that I can’t have!

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