Monday, 2 October 2017

It’s crunch time!

I’m excited and stressed and happy and freaked out all rolled into one… we have two months to get our house ready to move into, because our rental house is being rented by someone else starting on December 1st. EEEK!

I’ve been bad about posting house build updates over the summer. But most of the work happening over the last few months was plumbing and electrical, which really isn’t all that exciting. And who wants to see pictures of wires and PVC pipes anyway, right?

So here’s a wrap-up of what’s been going on since the electrical and plumbing were done around late August. After e passed the electrical inspection, we could start insulating. Brian got to do the whole ceiling while I was downstairs insulating the main floor. Then we covered it all with vapour barrier.

I swear this stuff smells like cotton candy!

insulation 1

insulation 2

insulation 1

Meanwhile, the big guns came back to work on the septic field.

excavator truck

Our foredogs inspecting the work ;-)

septic field 1

Last week we had a diviner come out to look for water for our well. The diviner has found water for lots of wells in the area, and even the well digger told us to have the diviner come out to find the best spot to dig. I was a bit skeptical till I held the stick myself. It’s hard to believe, but you can’t hold back this stick when it starts to point towards water. It’s really quite incredible, and I’m totally a believer now!

kelly stick

Brave (or crazy) Brian is now working away at installing drywall on the ceiling.


drywall 1

drywall 2

And I’ve been working much lower to the ground shingling the exterior walls. The ocean side is almost done and now I’m working on the west end.

shingles after 3


And that’s the house build wrap-up!

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