Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Pretty Port Medway

Had to take a break from blogging while I was back in Montreal & Ottawa for a 10 days. It was great spending time at the cottage, but it’s also great to be back by the ocean :-)

On Sunday, I drove down to Port Medway for the Lighthouse Awareness Art & Craft Show. The show takes in Port Medway for a few days, and then moves to Port Mouton for a few days. The show raises funds in support of the Medway Head Lighthouse and the Spectacle Island Lighthouse. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it!), the paintings that I liked the best were either already sold or out of my price range. But I did pick up a 2016 calendar :-)

After checking out the show, I did some exploring, starting with the village of Port Medway. Wish I’d brought my Nikon with me, but my iPhone did a pretty decent job :-)

pm lighthouse seagull

pm boat

bm buoys 

pm 2 

pm shop

Then I headed out to the Medway Head Lighthouse, where it suddenly got foggy and very mosquito-ey…

pm ligthouse

pm lighthouse

pm fog

pm foggy rocks

pm lighthouse keepers

There was a great little spot by the water to take pictures, so I took a lot!

     pm road

pm rocks 1 

pm rocks 3 

The rocks here are so smooth – they make me think of hippos for some reason :-)

pm rocks 5

pm rocks waves

pm rocks 6    

pm rocks 11

pm waves

And then heading back to Port Medway. the fog disappeared!

pm boats

pm seagull

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