Sunday, 5 March 2017

Let there be skylights

You know how sometimes you think a job is going to be easy, and then it turns out to be super-hard? And other times you dread doing a job, but then it turns out to be nowhere near as bad as you expected it to be? Well, luckily, installing the skylights was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. I mean, two of them are over 15 feet above the main floor floating in the middle of nowhere, how could they not be super-hard to put in?!

all skylights

All of our skylights from from Velux. I think they might be the most famous skylights in the world. I watch some home renovation shows from Australia and New Zealand, and they always use Velux skylights. In fact, that don’t call them skylights, they call them Velux.

We started with the skylights at the two ends. We just lifted them up through the openings from inside the house, then Brian went out onto the scaffolding, levelled them, and screwed them into place. We actually left one skylight opening as is so Brian can climb out through it to work on the roofing.


three skyllights angle

three skyllights

I was terrified about installing the two middle skylights. How were we going to reach all the way up there?

skylights middle

But as it turns out, the worst part was climbing up two levels of scaffolding, which really wasn’t so bad :-) I climbed up, and then Brian leaned a ladder against the scaffolding and pushed a skylight up in front of him. Once I could reach it, I pulled it up while Brian pushed, and we got it up onto the scaffolding. Then things were easy from there – we just removed the skylight from the box and dropped it right into place. Repeat for the second middle skylight, and voila, all done. WHEW!


And as you can see, Brian has also been busy installing the roofing. I can’t wait to see the whole roof done!

skylights from outside

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  1. Good job! I wouldn't want to do those upper windows either. We had Velux skylights in a previous house and I loved them. Never leaked (I assume yours are operable also) and I loved how they sucked out the hot air in spring and fall.

    1. Velux seems to be the skylight of choice. Good to hear more positive feedback about them! These skylights actually aren't operable, but there's one going into the bathroom that will open.

      Thanks for stopping by :-)