Wednesday, 8 March 2017

14 down, 14 to go!

The forecast for Tuesday was sunny, a little above zero, and relatively calm. Yeah, right – why can’t weather forecasters get the weather right?! It started off sunny, but was cold and the wind was NOT calm. But with the Tyvek removed from the window openings in the upstairs bedroom and snow & rain in the forecast, there was no choice but to forge ahead and get the windows in.

Here’s a look at what we were dealing with…

inside before

brian in window before

First, we had to take down the scaffolding from the front of the house and put it up at the end of the house.


Then we had to prep the window openings. Tape back the Tyvek on the sides of each opening, move it out of the way at the top of each opening, and attach sill flashing to the bottom of each opening.. Here’s Brian hard at work. Hey, somebody had to take the pictures!

brian working

And then the fun part – installing the windows. Luckily, I got to stay inside and Brian had to go out on the scaffolding. I planned that well ;-)

First window in!

first window in

And one side done!

done first side

Other than the wind picking up the the temperature going down, the installation went smoothly, and in a couple of hours we had all the windows installed. WOOT!

done from inside 2

done from outside

I love how the house is coming together!

done on angle

So that’s 14 windows in and 14 windows to go. I’m really worried about how we’ll get the upper row of windows installed in the bedroom – every time I ask Brian how we’re going to do it, he tells me “carefully”. That doesn’t help! At least once those ones are in, the rest should be fairly simple (relatively speaking!)

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  1. Wow, wow, wow! I feel like I can finally envision what your house is going to look like when it's all finished. I can't wait for you to start working on the inside!