Monday, 1 August 2016

The Living Beach – August 1, 2016

Silver Donald Cameron uses a study of the elements of the beach to build a case for the beach as an integrated, living entity in its own right, and a model for the unity of all things on Earth.

The Living Beach

The beach is always changing. Every time we take the dogs to the beach for a walk, there’s something different – more rocks, less rocks, more sand, less sand, the waves coming up higher today than they did yesterday…. Some beaches, like Sand Dollar Beach, disappear completely under water at high tide. We usually time our walks on the beach to coincide with low tide, especially in the winter when there’s more rocks than sand on the beach.

Which got me thinking that it would be interesting to do a comparison of our local beach from month to month. After living here for over a year and experiencing the beach during all the seasons, I’m amazed at how the beach transforms. People who only come to the beach in the summer would never guess that the rocks they’re sitting on are ten times bigger in the winter!

So here’s the first instalment of our living beach – I cheated a little bit and took these pictures a couple of days ago (no time to get to the beach today at low tide). I’ll be taking all the pictures the first day of each month from the same spot with the same lens at low tide.

hell point

straight ahead

gaff point

Whoops, looks like I caught Sassy in mid-dump in the middle picture!

There may not be a lot of changes over the next few months, but once winter rolls around, the beach will be looking a LOT different!

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  1. Yep, looks just like the beaches where I grew up! Thanks for the photos!!

    1. Lucky you to have grown up by beaches! I would have loved to have lived by the ocean sooner - but better late than never :-)