Saturday, 6 August 2016

Getting into the Olympic spirit

Yesterday evening before the Olympic opening ceremonies in Rio, we had our very own Olympic parade right here in Nova Scotia :-) Everyone in the parade carried a flag from a country of their choice, and we walked a big loop that even included refreshment stations :-)

Getting ready at the starting point…

at the barn

Brian proudly carrying the flag of Nauru!

nauru brian

A few facts about Nauru:

  • It’s a small 21 sq km island in the Pacific Ocean north of Australia.
  • The population of Nauru is around 10,000 people.
  • Naura first participated in the summer Olympics in 1996.
  • This year Naura has a grand total of two athletes in the Olympics – one in Judo and one in weightlifting.
  • Sadly, Naura is the most obese country in the world.

Off we go!



jill and hazen


sun effect



new zealand

brian nauru 2

Dogs have Olympic spirit too!


Lots of great Olympic spirit!

flags 1

flags 2

Go Nauru! And Canada too, of course Smile

kb logo 1a

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