Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Build journal – House floor goes down

Seeing the garage come together has been exciting. But I have to say, seeing the house start to take shape is even more exciting! This is where we’re actually going to live, where we’ll have views of the ocean from every room, where we’ll sleep and eat and watch the boats out in our “backyard” :-)

The house build started with the excavation back in mid-May and the foundation was poured towards the end of May. Then the foundation exterior was sealed and back filled, and the footings for the deck were poured. Click here for all the details. We’ve done a lot of work since then, although I have to say it isn’t going fast enough for my impatient self! Here’s what we’ve done since my last update…

July 22nd – Putting the big floor beams in place.

yellow beams crawl space 2

July 24th – Gluing the foam insulation to the interior walls of the crawl space. I’m now a caulking gun expert :-)

pink foam insulation

And I created this lovely pile of glue poop – with the caulking gun, not my butt :-D

glue poop

July 27th – Yay, foam insulation is all done!

insulation from kitchen end


July 30th – Installing the floor joists.

floor joists

August 4th – Joists all done and starting to install the subfloor

joists done

Somebody (Brian) put the glue on the joists and was about to put down the first piece of subfloor, when someone else (Kelly) said, “But aren’t we supposed to put the fibreglass insulation between the joists first?” Someone (Brian) grunted and wouldn’t admit that someone else (Kelly) had a good point there, but someone else (Kelly) definitely was on the ball more than someone (Brian).


subfloor started

August 5th – Over halfway there! I’m also now nail gun expert.


subfloor 2

August 6th – One more piece to go….

last piece

And the subfloor is done!

subfloor done 2


subfloor done

Now we can finally really see the footprint and walk through our house! Having no walls is just a minor detail ;-)

kb logo 1a

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