Sunday, 14 August 2016

Build journal – The garage roof is done!

Yikes, just realized that my last build update was when we finished shingling the garage back in June. Lots to catch up on, starting with the garage roof.

Right from the start, we knew that we wanted a metal roof on our garage and house. Our original colour choice was antique bronze, but then we found out last fall that the colour was discontinued. GAK! But things worked out fine, because we decided to go with a slate blue instead, which looks awesome! As usual, we started with the back of the garage….

roof back done angle

roof back done

Then moved to the front. I say “we”, but the roof was all Brian. I’m too afraid of heights to go up that high. So YAY Brian!

brian on roof

brian on roof 2

All done!


The concrete floor in the garage is being poured this week. Then we need to build and install the stairs up to the second floor, choose and install the garage doors, and fill in the screw holes and add spacers to the trim. And then the garage will be DONE!

Pretty excited that the garage is almost finished, but even more excited that the house is really underway! That’s up next :-)

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