Monday, 11 January 2016

Good times on Gaff Point

Ever since we moved to Nova Scotia last May, I’ve been wanting to hike the Gaff Point Trail. And finally yesterday, I did it! My friend and fellow NS blogger Sybil over at Passage to Sackville sent me a message on Saturday night that Scotian Hiker was planning a group hike around Gaff Point on Sunday morning. I hemmed and hawed a bit, but when I woke up on Sunday morning, I decided I was doing it! So I packed a lunch and mitts and hat and headed off to Hirtle’s Beach where I met up with Sybil and the Scotian Hiker group. Once everyone was packed up and organized and had taken pees, we headed down the beach…

getting started

Sybil brought her dog Wendy, who’s an absolute sweetheart :-)

wendy on the beach

There was crazy foam everywhere!

goofy kelly

Then we headed up a hill…. that’s Gaff Point at the end of the curve.

gaff point from the hill

Looking back at Hirtle’s Beach from the start of the trail…

looking back at hirtles

And off we go!

sybil on trail

When we came out of forest, we had these awesome views…


looking back at hirtles from cliff

Then back into the forest for a bit, and out we came along the rocky shoreline…

group walking on cliff 3

ian karen

looking down at rocks

rocks and island

Lunch break!

lunch break 1

karen 2

lunch break 4

Then back onto the trail – we didnt take this one, but doesn’t it look like it’s the entrance to an enchanted forest?

rock trail


moss and snow

We veered off the trail and headed to Sand Cove.

sand cove from cliff

How do you get down to the beach? Why, by rope, of course!

kelly on rope

I was pretty sure I was going to die, but Don at the top and Ian at the bottom were both so helpful and encouraging, and I made it to the bottom in one unharmed piece. And Sybil and Wendy did it too! Except Wendy didn’t need the rope :-) Here we are on the beach…

kelly and sybil

I’m so happy I overcame my fears and went down the rope. The beach is so beautiful and peaceful, and the colous of the rocky cliffs are incredible!

sand cove cliffs sybil wendy 2

rock close up 2

rock close up 3


rock close up 4

rock close up 5

After taking in all the natural beauty of Sand Cove, we went back up the rope. Except for Melanie – she climbed up the rocks back to the top!

sand cove climbers

And back at the top.

sand cove other side

Then back to the trail and onto the beach. Sybil and I brought up the rear, which was fine with us because we were enjoying chatting and taking in the scenery and stopping to snap pictures. It also meant we missed this crazniess by some of the group members!

running into water

Yep, they went running into the ocean in January!

Thank you Sybil and Don and the whole Scotian Hiker group for an awesome hiking experience :-)

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  1. Whoa. I hate that when you are totally enjoying a hike, but then you get to a spot and think "Wait - you want me to cross THAT?!"… but if you're lucky you have nice folks around to help you do it, right? Yes, that stone path into the woods DOES look magical! :-)