Monday, 18 January 2016

Build journal – Garage framing

So now we have a garage foundation – well, we had it back in November, I just was delinquent about blogging about it! Next step – putting up the framing for the walls. Kind of like an Amish barn raising, but with two no-Amish people and it’s a garage ;-) Oh, but before we get to the framing, we have a proper address now :-)
address 2

On November 13th, the wood for the garage arrived…
wood arrival

pile of wood

And a few days later, we started the framing for the walls.
walls 1 to 4

Last one for the day!
wall 4

all walls

Not too bad for a day’s work! And the next day, the rest of the framing went up…
walls 5 to 8

All done!
all walls 1

Hey, this building thing isn’t so hard! Ummmm… spoke too soon – next up, the roof trusses….
kb logo 1a
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  1. You were delinquent about posting. I've been slack about reading. Today I'm playing catch up. Did you get a new header? I love it and haven't noticed it until now.