Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Build journal – The garage begins (a little late!)

Sooooooooo, I’ve been extremely deinquent about posting updates on our lot progress. Way back in September, our driveway was finished…

And then it was time to start the garage! The excavation happened between September 23 – 25.

john deere

A lot of the greenery that was cleared from our lot was moved across the road to the neighbour’s house – they wanted natural greenery to landscape their property, so it was a great way to “recycle” a lot of what we had to dig up.
digging greenry

john deere and truck

I even got a chance to drive the excavator! Well, OK, I just spun around in circles and moved the shovel up and down, but it was still pretty cool  :-)
me in john deere 2

On September 24th, the actual digging the hole for the foundation started.


checking things out


We hit a small snag when the digging reached this marshy area. Turns out, it’s protected land and we can’t build on it. But that was just a minor issue, we just shrunk the size of the garage.


Figuring out exactly where the garage will go…
garage measuring 1

garage measuring 2

More digging!
shovel 2

start digging

garage 2

And then some fill….


And on September 25th, digging for the garage was done…
garage 1

Next up – the foundation!

kb logo 1a

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  1. Looking at that driveway you must have a very private lot !

    1. Well, we can see the two houses to the left of us, but otherwise, yes, it's quite private :-) I never thought I'd live somewhere so rural!