Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The red fishing shed

A few weeks ago, I came across this picture of a red fishing shed at


Being the curious sort that I am, I decided that I had to find this red fishing shed in real life. So after checking out the Lunenburg Farmer’s Market last Thursday, I headed out on my mission. And guess what? Found it!

red shed 5 

red shed 1a

And I also discovered that Stonehust – home of the red fishing shed – is an absolutely charming little village that ends at the tip of a peninsula with gorgeous views…

stonehurst tip 4 

stonehurst tip boat 1 

stonehurst tip buildings 

stonehurst tip houses 

stonehurst tip shed 

stonehurst tip boat 3 

stonehurst 1

If our offer on the lot falls through, maybe we’ll move to Stonehurst instead!

kb logo 1a


  1. Omigosh what gorgeous photos. Beautiful places!!

    1. Anne, I was so happy I decided to look for that red shed. Stonehurst is just beautiful - like a magical little gem at the tip of the world :-)

  2. Hello Kelly and Brian! I'm from Ottawa and I'm friends with Monica Tomiak and Dave Marshall. They told me about your blog as I(we) too went on a similar South Shore, NS adventure like you! Although, we did not go all in like you and moved there; we bought a summer house - a fixer-upper with we have extensively renovated. The house is two houses away the red fishing shed! That sheds belongs to my neighbour Bill who is from Toronto. It's been a great adventure for us so far! You can check out our place here: and here:
    Hope we get to meet you sometime next summer!

    1. Hi Paga G, nice to "meet" you! I can't find an e-mail address for you, so I hope you see this message.... you're so lucky to have a house in Stonehurst, it's so beautiful there! I checked out the links you posted - very cool that you can see the red shed through your windows :-) You did a great job with the renos, the house looks so much brighter and more spacious now. Do you plan to move into your summer house full-time in the future? It would be great to meet up with you when you're back here next summer :-)


    2. Hi Kelly,
      I imagine that we will be spending more and more time in Stonehurst down the road. We have a 10 yr old, so we will be staying in Ottawa for the next eight years. We do love it in Stonehurst and try to get down there as much as we can.

      Thanks! We are quite pleased with our renos. We spent most of our summer vacations (2011-2014) working on renos to the house. Our last big project was summer 2014, when we put in a larger deck and scraped, sanded, and painted all the shingles. We only have a few small projects left. Phew!

      From what i gather from your photos, it looks like you have a place near Hirtles. We love going to that beach! The plans for your house look great. It will be spectacular!

      Best of luck with your house. We'll be sure to connect with you next time we get to Stonehurst. My email address is below.