Monday, 20 July 2015

L’Hermione in Lunenburg

There’s never a dull moment around here! This past weekend it was cannons and smoke on Saturday as L’Hermione sailed into Lunenburg Harbour, escorted by Bluenose II. 



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hermione cannons Source

Unfortunately, it was a grey day and there was no wind, so her sails weren’t up. But she was still a pretty impressive sight, and you could see her masts in her berth in the harbour from all over Lunenburg. This is a BIG ship!

hermione harbour 2 

L’Hermione is a replica of General Lafayette’s 18th century ship that carried him from France to the United States to announce France’s support of the US’s fight for independence. L'Hermione was built using 18th century materials and techniques, and is one of the largest tall ship replicas ever built.

hermione harbour 4

hermione masts 3

The 65-metre long ship was completed in 2014, after 17 years of construction. The project cost $34 million dollars. The majority of the funds used to build the ship came from supporters and visitors to the shipyard who donated small dollar amounts at a time.

hermione sails

  hermione lion  


L’Hermione left Lunenburg on Sunday and is headed back home to France. Safe sailing!


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  1. oh wow. that really IS a big ship. How lucky to see such unique and intriguing spectacles.