Monday, 27 July 2015

Summer Fun in the house

When I got my cool buoy print from Minted, I also got one yard of fabric. It took forever to narrow down the choices to just one because there are a LOT of cool designs. I was originally going to go with something nautical, but then this colourful print by Simona Cavallaro called Summer Fun caught my eye. I love the bright & happy colours and the design – I think it looks like watermelon and sunshine and water and grass :-)

summer fun 
Summer Fun (Also available in six other colourways)

While I was waiting for the fabric to arrive, I came across this little stool at a yard sale for $4.00, and just like that I had a plan for the fabric – turn this baby from dark & drab to bright & fab!


Now, keep in mind that I don’t have an iron, I don’t have a sewing machine (and if I did, I wouldn’t know how to use it), and I live 1.5 hours away from stores that sell the right kind of decorative trim to finish things off. So your expectations are pretty low now, right? Good ;-)

To be honest, Brian did most of the work – I was the brains behind the operation and in charge of transforming the legs :-) There are so many tutorials out there on how to re-cover a stool, so I won’t go into all the details. Basically, Brian removed the brown pleather cover, wrapped the remaining piece of foam with the cotton batting, stapled it on with a staple gun, and trimmed the excess.

stool collage

And then I forgot to take pictures of Brian stapling on the fabric. But I’m sure you can envision how that went :-) Meanwhile, I was on leg duty. I covered the brass feet with painters tape and then Brian screwed the legs into some scrap wood so they’d stick up in the air for easy spray painting.

legs 1

I had it in my head that the spray paint was a primer & paint in one, so I didn’t prime the legs. Then after I sprayed on a couple of coats, I realized that it’s regular spray paint and I really should have primed. But oh well, that can be a project for another day if the paint job doesn’t hold up. The colour is Key Lime by Rust-Oleum.

legs 2

Once the legs dried, I removed the tape and Brian re-attached them to the stool. And that’s it! I love the green legs with the fabric, and how the stool adds some colour and pattern to this very white rental house. It also matches my shoes :-)

pm stool from front

I was originally going to put it next to the front door, but the dogs going in and out would get it dirty in no time flat. So I tucked it into this little corner instead, which actually works out better because I see it more here than I would if it was by the door.

Love those green legs!

pm corner 2 

pm corner 

Is it just me, or do the black dots look like watermelon seeds? :-)

pm stool from top 

pm2 through rails

stool before after

Thank you once again to Minted for the beautiful fabric – now I want Summer Fun everywhere in the house!

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  1. Very cute and cheery project! Thank you so much for stopping by Sea Glass Cottage -- much appreciated as I begin my new gulf coast journey.

  2. Thanks Joanne :-) We're also beginning a new coastal journey - it's been a lot of fun so far! I've added your blog to my blog list so I can follow you along on your adventure :-)


  3. Oh gosh Kelly, yes I definitely think that fabric reminds me of watermelons. Great choice and I love what you've done with the stool -- very creative.

    1. Diane, I have to admit, I love what I've done with the stool too! It adds a nice pop of colour to this white house :-)