Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Kelly’s Big Beach Adventure Day

Today I hit five beaches – yes, FIVE BEACHES! And hung out with my friend Sara and took the ferry and went to the bakery and found beach glass and bought a big glass fishing float…. it was a pretty awesome day :-) Here’s some of it in pictures…

 sig bakery

sig beach 1

sig beach 2

sig glass

sig crescent

sig bakery and float

sig ferry

sig five houses 1

sig five houses 2 

sig oxners 1

sig oxners 2

sig oxners 5

sig oxners 3

sig oxners 4 

sig shadow 2

Tomorrow morning is the Lunenburg Farmer’s Market, then a meeting with the architect to discuss house plans in the afternoon and a local pub night get-together in the evening. Might only have time for one or two trips to the beach tomorrow ;-)

kb logo 1a


  1. You sound so happy !!

    1. Kate, it's hard not to be happy when you're outside in the sunshine doing things that you love to do :-)