Sunday, 28 June 2015

The $100.00 potato masher

Well, the potato masher was actually free. But what started out with me looking for a potato masher at a yard sale turned into this….

 teak 1

teak 2

All that wood is a solid teak wall shelving unit. It came from Europe and was used in a veterinarian’s office. I forgot to take a before picture, but this wall used to be long and white and empty. I’m crappy at styling and there’s still shelf space to fill, but here’s how it looks all put together. Guess I could have moved the dog beds out of the way first ;-) And don’t laugh at the flowery sofa photo bombing the pictures, it came with the house.

teak unit on wall 

whole unit 

We positioned it so that it’s closer to the living room end and doesn’t get in the way of the dining end. But it’s a good spot to display some dishes – all the bowls and glass canisters were free from the yard sale :-) And whoever was in this house before left the big blue plates behind.

teak dining side


The antique stool was free from the yard sale too – these people really wanted to get rid of all their stuff!


It’s totally modular, so the shelves can be moved around into any configuration. Now I have lots of room to display my beach glass and fishing float and driftwood and other finds :-)

glass float

painting corner

small glass

heart rock


Oh, and did I mention the solar bike that we picked up as well?

solar bike

All that for a hundred bucks. Not a bad haul! Brian and I didn’t have enough cash on us, so we gave them $60 and we’ll go back tomorrow with the rest. Only in Nova Scotia!

I’ve never really been into yard sales, but I’ve been to three in the past week. It’s definitely a great way to decorate on a budget :-)

Do you have a favourite yard sale find?

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  1. SOLAR BIKE!!! so cool!!
    That shelving unit is amazing! great find!

    1. Yep, a solar bike! Brian bought it more out of curiosity than anything - although the solar panels could be removed and used on another project. I'm really happy we went ahead and bought the shelving unit - it's a great place to display stuff, plus it really fills up the huge blank white wall!

  2. Oh, my, I've had those type of sales where you have one small item that turns into a whole car load of treasures! Totally loving the stool and wire locker basket that you got. And congrats on getting it all up and put would lay in a pile for months before working up the energy to install it if I would have brought it home :)

    1. Thanks Jamie :-) It usually takes us forever to get stuff put together too, but I guess Brian was feeling inspired :-) Plus all those pieces of wood were in the way! The stool looks pretty old and I'm not entirely sure I would trust sitting on it, but it looks really cool :-) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Your wall unit is beautiful! And so how it turned out for you!
    Mary Alice

    1. Thank you for stopping by my blog Mary Alice :-) Yes, the wall unit is really functional, plus it's almost like a piece of art itself :-) I'm really lucky I found it :-)

  4. That teak wall unit is amazing! I've never seen anything like it. It's a great addition to your home. I'm sharing this on my FB page today.

    1. Thanks for visiting Paula, and thanks for sharing! I've never seen anything like it either - but I'm really loving it! I've changed up the styling about 58 times since I took these pictures :-)