Wednesday, 21 February 2018

One almost-finished room

Hey, we finally have a room in the house that’s looking like an actual real room! The upstairs bathroom is painted (minus a few touch-ups), tiled, and even has running water :-)

This room is a bit of an unusual shape with the sloped ceiling. After considering different tiling options, we decided to tile the entire shower & toilet wall. And we brought the tiles up into the slope of the ceiling too. Otherwise, the wall and room would have looked a bit squat. FYI, gravity is not kind to a person who’s grouting a sloped ceiling!

I wanted the tiles to run vertically to be reminiscent of water running down the wall. And instead of the usual subway tile layout, we went with 1/3 offset. I think it gives the wall more of a random look.

long wall

Originally the glass mosaic tiles were only going to go into the niche, but I’m really happy that we brought them onto the turquoise wall as well.


The shelves in the niche and the ledge along the half wall are Silestone Calacatta Gold. They’re all remnants that we picked out of the discard pile at a local stone shop. We’re also going with Calacatta Gold for the vanity countertop.

half wall

The floor tiles are laid in a simple brick pattern and were much easier to grout than the shower walls and sloped ceiling! They’re still a bit wet in this picture – the finish is actually matte


Fast forward a few days, and Brian has installed the shower head, diverter, and body jets. There’s still the handheld sprayer to install. All the bathroom faucets are from Riobel.

faucets 2

Very excited to have a rainhead :-)

shower head

I cannot wait to have a shower with body jets again. We had them in or shower in Ottawa and I used them every single day. I’d prefer jets that don’t stick out, but these ones are adjustable which is a nice feature.


The diverter lets you choose where the water comes out – body jets, rain head, hand held, or a combination. You can also set it to the water temperature that you want and then just leave it there.


The wall hung toilet isn’t installed yet, but the flusher is in :-)


Not only is it exciting to be getting close to having a finished room, but once the bathroom is done, we’ll be pretty close to being able to move in. And THAT is going to be SUPER-exciting!

Turquoise shower tiles – Casa Roma, Maiolica Aquamarine
White shower tiles – Casa Roma, Waves
Glass mosaic tiles – Elegant Flooring, Shiny Aegean Blu
Floor tiles – Centura Templestone Grigio

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  1. it is beautiful. What are you guys gonna do when it's all finished ? lol

  2. Wow, l-o-v-l-e-e Kelly and am anxious to see the finished project which I am sure will be beautiful. That said; I was cleaning up my Pinterest Pages and came across a DIY project involving stairs. Note that you have yours installed but perhaps you might be interested in it to see the risers and how they finished them off with bead board. Search: 'These pesky OSB stairs March 19/2011'. Wishing you a beautiful day and hopefully you are not being bombarded with snow. (Gosh I am so sick of it!!!!) -Brenda-

  3. Yowza! It looks great. Is this the master bathroom also? I love the skylight. You have made great progress since I last checked in. Is that a baseboard heater too?