Friday, 8 December 2017

Moving Day! Well sort of…

First we were going to be in our rental house for one year. Then it was two years. Then it was two and a half years. And now, after two years, two years six months and eight days, we have to get our butts out of here because someone else is moving in. But as you can see, our house isn’t exactly move-in ready.

This is the front entry.

front entry

These are the bathrooms…

bathroom up


These are the bedrooms.

guest bedroom


And the kitchen.


And the staircase.


And the living room – at least we have a fireplace and the shiplap is finally starting to go up.



At least the utility closet has been painted :-)

utility closet

Yeah, so, as you can see, our house isn’t exactly liveable at the moment! Luckily we have a friend who’s currently back home in Germany and she’s very kindly offered up her house here till our house is ready.

So today isn’t quite the moving day I had envisioned. Our furniture and the rest of our crap gets to move into our house today, but Brian and me and the dogs have one more stop to make before we can move in. Oh well, as our friend said, at least we won’t be living under a bridge ;-)

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