Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Breaking out of my colour comfort zone

If you know me, you know that my favourite colours are purple, bright green,  turquoise, and blue. I try to break out of my colour comfort zone sometimes, but I usually end up back in my happy colour place.

As we’re getting closer to painting and decorating our house, I’m thinking about what colours I want to use. The front door is bright green.The kitchen & dining area will be navy blue, turquoise, and bright green. The upstairs bathroom will be turquoise and navy blue and white. I bought a purple area rug for somewhere not-yet defined. Can you see a pattern here?!

So I really want to come up with a different colour scheme for the guest bedroom. I have a pretty out-there idea – brace yourselves for some colourful inspiration pictures!

colour palette








Yep, that’s a whole lot of bright colours and not a speck of purple or navy blue to be seen! My plan is to install wainscoting or board & batten on the lower two thirds of the walls, and then paint the remainder top third of the walls orange and the ceiling pink. Sort of like this, but much brighter!

wainscoting 2


And maybe get our antique white wrought iron bed sprayed turquoise.


So who wants to sleep over in our crazy-colourful guest bedroom? :-)

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