Monday, 26 June 2017

Family, friends, fun, and the flu

Wow, June has been a crazy month! It actually started at the end of May with a big surprise 80th birthday for my dad back in Montreal…

bill chuck bob

Then I spent a week visiting my dad and his girlfriend and made a quick trip to Ottawa to visit a few friends. I had to check out our old house while I was there – the new owners chopped down my beautiful birch tree!


The little shack going up next door…


And I got to visit our former foster dog Sophie :-) She covered me in sweet Sophie kisses!


It was a great week, till the airport. I missed my flight back to Nova Scotia – thank you Air Canada for changing my gate and leaving me behind. Grrrr…. anyway, when I finally got back to NS, my cousin Lynn was here to visit for a few days…

lynn buns

lynn 1

Then the day after Lynn left, I hung out with my friend Vickie who was here visiting from BC.


Then I actually had a few days at home! Alone! With nothing to do and nobody to talk to! Till Saturday, when my friend Rona came to visit. She spent a couple of days here, and then the two of us headed up to Cape Breton for a few days.


sunset 3

iconic hills a

And then two days after I got back from Cape Breton, I got the flu. No pictures of that! But we did have a little bit of excitement between the not-so-fun flu activities – we bought a new car. Well, it’s used, but new to us – a 2013 Subaru Impreza. I like!


And that, my friends, is why there hasn’t been much blogging this month! Not a lot of action on the house either, other than Brian figuring out the venting and plumbing and installing some pipes and working on the electrical. But the action did pick up today – more on that next!

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  1. Good gawd woman no wonder you got the flu after tearing around like that. Sounds like a marvellous month. Visitors are wonderful and we do love them but afterwards we are pretty darn tired. Congrats on the new to you car. Let's get together soon.