Friday, 30 June 2017

We’re floored!

And I mean that literally – the concrete was poured over the subfloor a few days ago, which puts us one step closer to getting the house done.

Before the concrete was poured, we installed pex piping for the radiant floor heating on the entire main floor and the upstairs bathroom.

pipig main floor 1

pipig main floor 2

piping bedroom bathroom

piping entry

piping upstairs bathroom

The concrete truck showed up bright and early on Monday morning.

concrete truck 1

These guys have definitely done this before!

concrete going in 1


long stick

And by the end of the day, the concrete was done and dry enough to walk on.

dry concrete 1

dry concrete main floor 2

dry concrete main floor 1

dry concrete bedroom bathroom

dry concrete upstairs

I’m so anxious to get the drywall started, but we can’t do that until all the plumbing and electrical are installed and inspected. Unfortunately, I know nothing about this two things, but I’m hoping I can start shingling the exterior walls.

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