Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Kitchen windows are in!

After months and months of the kitchen window openings being boarded up and blocking the light and view, the kitchen windows are in! Here’s my AHHHHHHHHH moment :-)

funky window

First the boards and Tyvek came down and Brian prepped the openings.

window openings

The first three window frames went in…

three windows outside

And then the windows…

three windows inside

Then the second set of three window frames and windows went in, and the job was done!

six windows inside

six windows outside 2

Now the west end of the house is fully windowized :-) I like to make up words :-)

west end windows inside

west end windows

That’s a whole lotta windows to let in the amazing views :-)

lotsa windows

It feels like the house is taking forever, but looking back to where we were at a year ago, I guess we’ve made pretty good progress – on May 3rd last year, we were still working on the garage and the foundation for the house hadn’t even been excavated…


Another step closer to the house being weather-tight and ready for the interior work. That’s where the fun starts for me, I can’t wait to start choosing finishes and paint colours and tiles!

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  1. you are doing an amazing job!

    1. Thanks Sara :-) Lately it's been mostly Brian, but just wait till we start working on the inside! Plus I can do the cedar shingles too :-)